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Our company has many Years of experience and specializes in manufacturing, salling, serviceing and reparing cardan shafts (cardans) for various vehicies technological equipment,Tractors.

History In Words

Special machinery and agricultural machinery of various domestic and foreign manfacturess fot more infromation please click the button.We inform our upcoming work.

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Lead Acid Battery Migration

Step by Step product conversions. Reduce the weight. Increase the energy.

Pilot Line Production

Launching a small fleet or require batch production? Behold! Our flexible operation.

Thermal Management

Every battery requires ideal conditions to peak perform. Pack temperature expertise.

Marine Power Conversion

Maximize longevity and cycles with vigorous Lithium-Ion battery durability.

Prototype Consulting

Better plan unique energy demands for Automatic Guided Vehicles.

Lead Acid to Lithium-ion

Reduce weight. Increase cycle’s and drastically improve on KWh costs and investments.